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Effective Advertising

When it comes to advertising, there’s nothing worse than throwing money down the drain and let’s face it, advertising can be very expensive.

To get the most from your hard earned money, your advertising has to be succinct and effective, delivering your message to the masses and appealing to your target market for optimal results.

With decades of advertising experience, NINEDESIGN can guide you through the creative advertising process and explore the available media outlets to ultimately help you get the most of your money.

Should I advertise?

If you are in the lucky position of getting all your business through word of mouth and have a guaranteed and comfortable income, then you may not need to actively advertise.

If you wish your turnover and profit to increase, you need to ‘speculate to accumulate’ – or advertise.

You should be prepared to spend a proportion of your turnover to gain new customers and bring growth to your business. It may be discouraging parting with your hard earned profits, but there are entire websites dedicated to the intricate process of calculating a successful advertising and marketing budget – and how much of a difference it can make to your business growth.

Virtually every business advertises in some way whether actively or passively, if you have a website – this advertises your wares or services continuously and has to work well and be optimised to return good search results. If you have a social media account, this also advertises your business services continuously and if utilised efficiently, can reap considerable rewards.


Where Should I advertise?

Online advertising is often the cheaper option and also has the advantage of being quantifiable in that there are usually metrics available to analyse visitor numbers and behaviour. Facebook seems to be the top performer at the moment while Google Adwords can end up being expensive to return good results.

Popular online outlets can include include :

  • Social Media Advertising​
  • Email Advertising​
  • Website Banners​
  • Service Directories​
  • Video Advertising​
  • CPC Advertising (Google / Bing Adwords)​

Print can be very effective – flyers and banners being the top performers and although newspaper circulation is in steep decline, they can still be a very effective in certain traditional markets.

Popular online outlets can include include :

  • Outdoor Banner Advertising​
  • Press / Magazine Advertising​
  • Leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Billboards
  • Vehicle Livery​

What should my advert look like?

There are dozens of marketing formulae that promise guaranteed results and amazing returns on your investment depending on a multitude of outside influences, but there are simple fundamentals that help guide your campaign. You must promote who you are, what you do and why your potential customers should choose you over your competitors – and all in an attractive presentation.

One of the best marketing acronyms which has endured the test of time through print and online media is AIDA

A: Attraction

A visual stand out quality that immediately grabs the potential customers attention. This may be something as simple as bright colours or an unusual shape or material substrate or a nice image on glossy paper.

I: Interest

The visual trigger. It could be an inviting lifestyle image of your product or service that is just what the potential customer is looking for or a tasty snack to get the tastebuds tingling.

D: Desire

Why this product or service is irresistible to the buyer. Is it on sale – 50% OFF! or lasts twice as long, or has better flavour or you’re going to miss out if you don’t push the button TODAY!

A: Action

How to get this amazing deal. By phone or email, or entering a competition or even coming to your premises and getting the deal on a first come first served basis.

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