Graphic Design

The power of Photoshop

When you need mock ups for future projects, or enhancements to images, Photoshop can improve or even let you imagine your final vision without going to the expense of buying prototypes or gambling on a new look.

NINEDESIGN has been an advocate of Photoshop for many years, using this essential tool on a daily basis within the operations of a design studio.

Whether it’s suppliers not providing suitable images or products that need to be super-imposed in more attractive backgrounds, NINEDESIGN can manipulate your images expertly with Photoshop to provide professional presentations for catalogues, websites or your own satisfaction that your idea will look as it should be in it’s final situation.

Photoshop has a vast array of image adjusting tools, and can be daunting for a new user, but given time and experience, it’s one of the best and most effective image manipulation programs available.

"What can Photoshop do for me?"

If you images are lack-lustre, Photoshop expertise can bring them to life.

Colour correction and enhancement is a basic but essential procedure that should be carried out on every image going into print or published to a web site.


If your product or project is still in it’s inception, Photoshop can save a lot of guess work by visualising the final result, whether it’s a new store fascia or bottle of shampoo.

If you need an object placed in another environment, Photoshop and a good few years of skill can achieve wonders.

If your image has unwanted items or sections such as blemishes, objects in the way or even needs a complete removal of the background, it can be achieved in Photoshop.

Photoshop can even be used to create stunning images and backgrounds using brushes, filters and plug-ins such as oil painting emulation, frozen landscapes and action poses.

Old photographic prints can suffer terrible damage over the years from scratches, cracks, tears and water damage. A professional make-over with Photoshop can bring a photograph back to original condition and a ‘pro-Shopper’ can even colourise a mono photo, bringing realism to a bygone era.


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